One of First Work’s primary responsibilities as Ontario’s employment network is to provide training to the practitioners serving this province’s job seekers. First Work’s regional meetings convene First Work’s strategic member leaders monthly for organic, inter-personal professional development. Frontline staff of First Work Members can also participate in meetings specific to their region and role. First Work also offers various trainings throughout the year and at our two annual conferences, Futures and Amplify.

First Work Frontline Training Series

Following active participation and input from First Work’s Regional Frontline Meeting participants, we’re excited to share the following training opportunities for members only: Trauma-Informed in Practice and Practical Application of Motivational Interviewing.

This webinar series is exclusively available to First Work frontline members on a first come, first serve basis. Sessions are offered on multiple dates but capacity is limited!

LaunchPad: Design & Deliver Industry Specific Workforce Programs

LaunchPad is a structured, highly applied 13-week program designed to enable employment service providers to integrate a dual-customer workforce development approach to program development and delivery. Through LaunchPad, participating employment service providers will design industry-specific workforce programs that prepare vulnerable unemployed job seekers for specific in-demand skills based on needs of regional employers, while building resilience, self-efficacy and confidence to support sustainable advancement towards client goals and labour market outcomes.

The program combines a dual customer (demand driven) approach to engaging employers and designing curriculum coupled with an asset, goal focused and trauma informed delivery method that builds on adult learning best practices.

Online, Together: Design + Deliver Programs that Foster Learning, Resilience, & Goal Achievement

Online, Together will support employment service providers to deliver programs that increase engagement, motivation, and retention by designing programs that foster learning, resilience, and goal achievement, and support a trauma informed approach.

This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.