As the bridge to youth employment, First Work partners with employers to facilitate employment opportunities between businesses and jobseekers. First Work engages with employers and sector leaders to provide sustainable youth employment by discovering career pathways, creating youth friendly workplaces, articulating skill requirements, and connecting youth to the local economy. Leveraging our network of employment service providers, First Work can support your business to connect to local talent pools for your hiring.

Are you an employer looking to hire young people (15-29)? Are you looking to increase workplace retention? Are you looking to develop a youth engagement strategy? Reach out to [email protected] to find out more about how we can assist.


First Work’s primary objective is to foster the development of a strong youth workforce development sector, and part of that goal is to offer our community expertise and insight to government on any forth coming regulatory and legislative changes that affect our sector.


First Work works collaboratively with our members, government, and workforce development partners to conduct research to push forward positive change.


First Work has received funding for two new initiatives to help strengthen Ontario’s employment service sector, particularly as the province adjusts to a prolonged pandemic recovery.


Part of the membership benefits of First Work is the access to professional development events throughout the year to provide innovative and best practices for employment service programming and delivery for youth.