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First Work Strategic Plan 2015-2018

Submitted to Ontario’s Standing Committee of Finance and Economic Affairs, First Work delivered recommendations for the province to better support the Employment Services sector in COVID-19 recovery. The full submission can be found here.

First Work’s 2020 Budget Submission

Resume Target

Thanks to a partnership with Resume Target, a professional resume writing service, we are pleased to offer complimentary career-related resources to First Work members seeking professional development and career tips.

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On behalf of the ONESTEP Board, provided below is all the ONESTEP resources available in their resource library.

As previously stated, we would like to acknowledge the work of ONESTEP, who represented a broad section of workforce development organizations from across Ontario and provided a voice for Ontario’s community-based employment sector. We, as partners in the space, owe tremendous thanks to ONESTEP for being a long-standing ally and advocate for the ES community.

We know many ONESTEP members are interested in having access to the various resources they developed over the years.  First Work is providing the following documents below to fulfill your ONESTEP membership expectations of these resources being available for your use.

With respect to the documents compiled below, please be advised, there are some documents provided which are out of date and may have inaccurate information as a result of the many changes which have taken place through the transformation of the ES sector. We have included the publication dates of these resources of those which need to be carefully reviewed.

These resources will be available until April 1, 2021, after which the materials will be assessed and modified based on their accuracy.


  1. Employment Services 2020: Consultation Report – 2018
  2. The Next Generation of Employment Services: Summary of Consultation Responses – 2018
  3. The Next Generation of Employment Services Discussion Paper – 2018


  1. Summary Of BC’s Recent Employment Services

MLSTD Archives

  1. Employment Services Transformation – Timeline Update in Prototype Areas – March 30, 2020
  2. Performance Management Framework  –  Key Performance Indicators – Addendum
  3. Employment Services Transformation – Service System Manager Selection – February 14, 2020
  4. Announcement of Service System Managers General Questions and Answers – February 14, 2020
  5. Ministry Slides – Market Day May 15th
  6. Employment Ontario

MTCU Communications

  1. Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Invitation to Market Sounding for Employment Services Transformation – 2019
  2. Suggested Catchment Areas
  3. Backgrounder: Transforming Ontario’s Employment Services – 2019
  4. CFP Addendum 1 – September 20, 2019
  5. CFP Addendum 4 – October 10,  2019
  6. Funding Model, Cost Proposal and Data Information Session – 2019
  7. Employment Services Transformation – Call for Proposal GENERAL QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS – 2019
  8. Employment Services Transformation Call For Proposal Tender #11855 Incentive And Consequence Framework
  9. Joint ADM Memo to EO ODSP Network – 2019
  10. Market Sounding Exercise Stakeholder Information Session
  11. ES Transformation Vendor Market Day Notification – 2019
  12. Performance Management Framework Key Performance Indicators – Addendum
  13. Province Helping Job Seekers and Employers Make Ontario Open for Business – 2019
  14. Invitation to Market Sounding for Employment Services Transformation – 2019


  1. 1-Page Overview – Employment Services Transformation – 2019
  2. An Overview of Ontario’s 2019 Employment Services Transformation – 2019
  3. Employment Services Transformation in Ontario – November 2019
  4. Hamilton-Niagara Peninsula – Infographic
  5. Hamilton-Niagara Peninsula – EO Service Providers
  6. Market Day, One on One Meeting – May 2019
  7. Catchment areas in Ontario’s employment services system – Market day – May 15th, 2019
  8. Webinar: Legal Considerations For Existing Providers – 2019
  9. Ontario’s Employment Services Transformation CFP – September 2019
  10. Recap from Market Day – May 15th
  11. Cheat Sheet For Resources Around Transformation
  12. Speculative Timeline – 2020
  13. Client Streaming: Transformation Tutorial #1 – November 2019
  14. Preparing to Partner – Transformation Tutorial #3 – December 2019
  15. Webinar: Transitioning from Transaction to Milestone Performance Models – September 6th, 2019


  1. CFP: Service System Managers Employment Services Transformation Select Catchment Areas: Prototype Phase – 2019
  2. REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATION For Service System Managers Employment Services Transformation – 2019
  3. Service System Manager (SSM) Applicant Reference Letter Form for CFP Ontario Tender #11855
  4. Employment Service Transformation Request for Qualification Catchment Area Profiles
  5. Consolidated 2020-2021 TPAs for SSMs – 2019
  6. Employment Services Transformation Call For Proposal Tender #11855 Incentive and Consequence Framework
  7. Performance Management Framework: Key Performance Indicators
  8. Request For Qualification for Service System Managers Employment Services Transformation – 2019


  1. OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Strategies for improving Ontario’s business attractiveness – 2015
  2. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS – Targeting labour force participation to improve prosperity in Ontario – 2017
  3. A PUSH FOR GROWTH: The time is now – 2012
  4. Enabling the Service System Management Role in Affordable Housing and Homelessness Prevention – 2014
  5. A Proposal to be the Service System Managers of the Employment Programs in Northern and Northwestern Ontario District Service Areas – 2018
  6. Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe – 2017
  7. HELP WANTED: Modernizing Employment and Skills Training Services in Ontario
  8. Integrated Human Service System Management: Connecting Need and Resources at the Local Level – 2014
  9. Job One is Jobs: Workers Need Better Policy Support and Stronger Skills – 2016
  10. Looking-Ahead: A 10-Year Outlook for the Canadian Labour Market (2006-2015)
  11. Planning The Next Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) – 2018
  12. An Overview of Service System Management & Employment Assistance: A Nosda Position Paper – 2013
  13. ODSP ES Service Providers in Prototype Areas
  14. OMSSA: Income and Employment Services in Ontario – 2018
  15. Opportunity in the Turmoil – 2009
  16. Raising the Bar Together: Successful Strategies for Workforce and Economic Development Collaboration – 2013
  17. Soft Skills Development – Improving Organizational Effectiveness – 2015
  18. Strategic Workforce Planning: Forecasting Human Capital Needs to Execute Business Strategy – 2006
  19. The Cost of Ontario’s Skills Gap – 2013
  20. The Intelligence Revolution – Future-proofing Canada’s workforce
  21. The Labour Market Shift: Training A Highly Skilled And Resilient Workforce In Ontario – 2017
  22. Working Together to Build a Better Labour Market Information System for Canada Final Report – 2009
  23. Tools for Working Groups – 2015

USA Research

  1. Bay Area Workforce Development Board – PROGRAM PERFORMANCE COMMITTEE – Membership Roster (11/26/18)
  2. Region __ One-Stop Certification – 2017
  3. Closing the skills gap: Creating workforce development programs that work for everyone – February 2017
  4. Employer Needs through Incumbent Worker Training – 2019
  5. Iowa Unified State Plan, 2016
  6. Los Angeles Workforce Systems Collaborative – 2017
  7. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: Consultant Services – 2019
  8. CUSTOMER CENTERED DESIGN: A playbook for workforce service delivery – Fall 2017
  9. Workforce System Alignment: Process, Strategies, and Tools