With GPS for Your Career, you’ll receive a:

  • Personalized recommendation of in-demand careers and the pathways forward.
  • Skill-building roadmap of programs to maximize your chosen-career readiness.
  • Skills passport to showcase your abilities.

Make informed career decisions with GPS for Your Career.

Job Seeker Webinar

First Work is offering a Job Seeker Webinar to learn on how to get a FREE license to upskill, find learning opportunities, explore careers and find a job!

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This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

Today’s young workers want meaningful career opportunities – jobs that offer a steppingstone towards a rewarding career.

The problem is balancing the need to find a job now, while also trying to step towards that career path.

With the GPS for Your Career. platform, young people in Ontario can be supported to find that first job that’s actually on the pathway to their chosen career.

In one, easy-to-use platform, you’ll access:

  • Career exploration
  • Skills profiling
  • Training opportunities
  • Job matching

First Work’s GPS for Your Career. project is powered by FutureFit AI thanks to funding from the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Skills Development and Training with support from the Government of Canada.

This platform is available to any youth in Ontario, ages 15-29.

The GPS for Your Career: career exploration, skills assessment, upskilling, and job matching all in one easy-to-use platform supporting hybrid employment services delivery for youth.

This project is made possible via partnership with Toronto-based artificial intelligence firm FutureFit AI and First Work – Ontario’s youth employment network. This innovative partnership gives young people the agency to make informed choices about high-demand career pathways to pursue, combined with a flexible model of learning and resources to ensure youth have the most relevant onramps to sustainable employment.

Navigating career advancement can oftentimes be out of reach for young people looking for survival jobs to make rent and put food on the table. This mobile-friendly platform will both enable long-term career goal setting, while providing guidance on immediate job opportunities aligned to participants’ transferrable skills to help those looking to rapidly gain employment.

The GPS for Your Career platform is a complement to the existing services provided by employment and training agencies across the province, advancing excellence in hybrid service delivery. This innovative employment service offering pairs equitable AI career assessments with the human side of social services supports, which are critical to success and retention on the job.