Sectoral Brief Insights Series

Sectoral Brief Insights

As part of our core responsibilities as Ontario’s workforce development network, First Work conducts research on emerging trends and challenges faced by Ontario’s workforce, published as Sectoral Brief Insights . These quarterly reports provide practical insights for employment service providers and sector partners.

Our goal with these reports is to help foster a workforce development ecosystem that ensures inclusivity for those further away from employment success.

These Sectoral Briefs reflect urgent opportunities, including:

  • Economic growth, innovation, and cultural diversity
  • Employment opportunities
  • Sector-specific shortages
  • Skill gaps and challenges
  • Labour Market insights
  • Regional disparities
  • Policy and regulation

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Sectoral Brief Insights

Issue I:
Prospects and Challenges of Labour Migration in Ontario

Issue II:
Social Determinants of Health
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Prospects and Challenges of Labour Migration in Ontario

First Work has released a new Sectoral Brief Insights report on the state of labour migration in the province to examine these challenges and offer recommendations for improvement.

This report contains insights for the opportunities and challenges presented to newcomers in Ontario and associated recommendations to improve their experience to, in turn, improve the province’s economic success.

As immigration remains a topic of high priority across the country, this report offers opportunity for Ontario to improve the newcomer experience to strengthen this province’s economy.

Key considerations

  • The ‘newcomer wage disparity’ perpetuates economic and social inequities. This disparity grows when accounting for access to employment, recognition of foreign credentials and experience. Accounting for Ontario’s high cost of living amongst these wage disparities contributes to this talent exodus.
  • Improvement in the recognition of foreign credentials is not just an economic imperative; it is one of human prosperity. Most Canadian immigrants are forced to do unskilled survival-jobs, despite their higher qualifications and international experience.
  • While temporary foreign workers are a much-needed labour source for Ontario's economy, the reliance on these workers raises specific concerns about exploitation, worker rights, and fair working conditions.
  • As both Ontario and Canada have a multitude of programs for newcomers to navigate their journey to their Canadian destination, a collaborative effort between governments and community partners is required to improve Ontario’s newcomer experience and, in turn, enhance the province’s economic success.