We are Ontario’s Youth Employment Network

Committed to delivering accessible, high quality, outcomes-based employment services to young people seeking opportunities.


First Work provides learning and professional development opportunities tailored to youth engagement, workforce development and industry professionals.


First work creates partnerships and strategic alliances to leverage our ability to address employment challenges and increase our collective impact.


First Work gives organizations and professionals access to services designed to support every perspective of government relations, regional needs, and local priorities.

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Join us for a Virtual Job Fair on September 28!

Discover opportunities from various industries, such as sales, marketing, Accounting, IT, engineering and skilled trades.

Register today: http://ow.ly/Tk0V50BtwMK
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Now is your time! Your community needs you.

Now more than ever YOUth are spearheading initiatives and advocating for the change they want to see in the world. CCYP’s Thought Leaders in Residence Program was designed to help you make it.

APPLY TODAY: https://www.ccyp-ccpj.org/thought-leaders-in-residence

Social determinants and inequities in health for Black Canadians: A Snapshot - http://Canada.ca #@settlement.org #@_psi.org https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/health-promotion/population-health/what-determines-health/social-determinants-inequities-black-canadians-snapshot.html

3 new government appointed Youth Advisors will be working directly with Minister @MonteMcNaughton to support young people already in the middle of their #training as well as those who are currently looking toward the world of #skilledtrades #apprenticeship https://www.collisionrepairmag.com/think-of-the-children-ontario-appoints-new-youth-advisors-to-skilled-trades-effort/

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