Amplify 2024

Amplify 2024 | Workforce Catalyst: Building Healthy Ecosystems

Join us for the 2024 Amplify Leadership Summit on April 16th at Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

In the ever-evolving professional landscape, Ontario’s employment service providers are working harder than ever for jobseekers to meet the growing demands of our economy.

As workforce development leaders convene at this year’s Amplify, the theme Workforce Catalyst: Building Healthy Ecosystems will guide the conference content. This theme encapsulates Amplify’s goals to innovate, elevate, and grow this sector’s leadership.

Healthy leadership is an ecosystem cultivator. Thriving leaders generate rippling impact beyond the four-walls of their organization. They contribute to the overall health of the Employment Services Ecosystem, positively influencing jobseekers, employers, and community.

In acknowledging this potential, the choices made by leadership can catalyze positive change across the ecosystem.

This conference seeks to amplify the importance of:

  • Healthy Workforce Ecosystems by zooming in on the leaders who comprise it.
  • Leaders as integral to the health of Ontario’s Workforce Ecosystem.
  • Innovation as integral to the health local economies and beyond.

As always, Amplify prioritizes employee well-being, professional development, inclusive practices, effective leadership, collaboration, adaptability, and innovation.

Call for Proposals

We seek proposals that illuminate the crucial intersection between leadership, sustainable employment practices, and the well-being of the workforce development.

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