Training: Launchpad Program Train the Trainer

Training: Launchpad Program Train the Trainer

Launchpad Program Train the Trainer: An Asset + Goal Focused, Trauma-Informed Dual Customer Employment Preparation Program

About the Program

The Launchpad Program is an evidence-based set of methods and practices that bolster the success of jobseekers by focusing on empowerment, applied skills development, positive habits and supportive relationships, while preparing people for work in specific industries or occupations.

First Work is offering a pilot Train-the-Trainer to a group of agencies based in Ontario. The Launchpad Train-the-Trainer program will provide participating agencies with training in specific, evidence-based program design and delivery methods and practices.

Launchpad is a research-based group of design elements, practices and methods that create success for job seekers by:

  • ‣building motivation, confidence and self-efficacy;
  • ‣providing targeted applied learning opportunities;
  • ‣supporting positive habits and emotional self-regulation; and
  • ‣intentionally training for a set of specific, employer-identified skills.

Taken together, these elements create programs that enable clients to achieve and sustain their employment goals in a specific sector or occupation.

As per best practice, Launchpad includes a Dual Customer design focus. This means that Launchpad programs include ongoing relationship development with employers in a specific industry, and training is designed with the feedback gathered via regular key informant interviews with employers.

For job seekers, Launchpad programs consist of a 3-week experiential employment preparation and learning intensive, followed by a 2 – 3-week on-the-job employment placement. The 3-week intensive involves strong focus on participants’ motivation and personal goals, while building practical, employer-identified skills for both acquiring and maintaining employment in a given industry. Participants also receive tools, coaching and support around self-awareness, self-regulation, self-Career champion, confidence, self-efficacy and effective communication. Launchpad programs include an on-the-job work placement, where participants can apply their skills and build experience and confidence that eases their transition to employment.

The goal of the Launchpad approach is to build participants skills and motivation to increase their resilience and longer-term success and employment retention.

Agency Requirements and Expectations

First Work is seeking participation from 5-10 agencies that are committed to using existing staff resources to design and implement a Launchpad program with their clients and customize it to the needs of a specific industry or group of employers that share occupational skills needs. Participation will require the commitment of 2-3 staff who will be responsible for customizing the design of and delivering a 3-week program, launching by mid-September.

Participating agencies are required to currently serve a low-income, vulnerable population of people who are seeking sustainable employment.

Agencies are required to either already work directly with employers, or work with existing industry intermediaries where they can refer their clients for direct job placements. Part of the program will focus on tailoring the curriculum to the learning outcomes and competencies required in a specific occupation or industry.

To ensure the highest program quality, the participating agencies must meet the following criteria:

  • ‣Organizational commitment to dedicate existing staff to develop and deliver a new program;
  • ‣Mandate and engagement with clients in search of sustainable employment;
  • ‣Relationship with local employers or other methods of ensuring direct job placements; and
  • ‣Willingness to participate in monitoring and evaluation.

About the Train-the-Trainer:

The Train-the-Trainer program will involve 4 weeks of intensive training and applied exercises to inform each agency’s customization of the Launchpad framework. The Train-the-Trainer will start in mid-July. It will include approximately 20 hours per week in training (including time spent completing group assignments), and 20 hours a week of program design preparation, including key informant interviews, data analysis and focus groups.

The objective is for participating agencies to launch their customized Launchpad program with recruitment starting in mid-August (see timelines below).

Participating agencies will be required to share post-employment data and perform follow-up and retention services with program participants for a minimum of 12 months following the program.

Application Process:

  • ‣Participate in an interview (including all agency staff that will participate) from June 29 – July 10.
  • ‣Program acceptance confirmed by: July 13.
  • ‣Program launches: July 20th
  • ‣Train the Trainer Boot Camp: July 20th– August 14th
  • ‣Program participant in-take launches: August 17 – September 18
  • ‣Program Pilot in class delivery: September 21 – October 9 (followed by employment placement).



Application deadline: July 3rd, 2020

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