First Work’s Jobseeker Research: State of the Unemployed in Ontario

First Work is recruiting jobseekers to participate in a survey for First Work’s Jobseeker Research: State of the Unemployed in Ontario.

This research will document the experiences and opinions of jobseekers to better identify gaps and barriers in the current supports system, while helping to inform the bridges needed to enhance employment success.

Are you unemployed? Take the Jobseeker Survey now & enter a chance to win $50.

What to expect: 

  • Entry in draw-to-win for gift cards valued at $50
  • Insights will help better understand the experiences of jobseekers
  • Potential to be participate in an interview (if interested, +$50 incentive)

We're seeking the input of hundreds of jobseekers in Ontario. Why? Because your experiences and opinions are critical to how employment services are designed and delivered.

  • Are you a young person (under 30) looking for a job without success?
  • Have you been forced to switch careers after decades in a job?
  • Are you under 30 and not employed or participating in any education or job training?
  • Have you been laid off and are willing to share your experience to help other jobseekers?

This is a great opportunity to support fellow Ontario jobseekers as your experiences are critical for improving the journey to employment for all. 

Jobseekers who complete the survey will have potential to be further interviewed, if interested.

This is a fantastic opportunity to:

  • build confidence,
  • contribute meaningfully to workforce policy, and
  • test advocacy in action.

The survey process is completely anonymous, and you will only be required to submit any contact information if you wish to participate in the draw-to-win prizes or the interview. Upon project completion (September 2021), survey results will be included in a final Report which will be disseminated widely across Ontario.