Get access to professional development for your staff and offer your job seekers a vast collection of industry-leading courses to upskill and excel in their careers. The Ontario Government is offering FREE LinkedIn Learning licenses to jobseekers via First Work until April 30th, 2024.

  • Convenient, accessible, and free education modules for individual professional development.
  • Offer LinkedIn Learning to all of your clients to build in-demand skills.
  • Offer LinkedIn Learning to staff professional development for your team to deliver the best programs for your clients.
  • Upload custom training resources and monitor client progress using the platform to deliver training in a virtual setting

Project FAQ

Upcoming Webinars

LinkedIn Learning Webinar

LinkedIn Learning licenses are available to Ontario’s Employment Service Providers for your own professional development. Details for how to access your FREE Learning license are shared at our Weekly Webinars.

First Work is launching ‘Designing for Change’: A hands-on virtual learning program that focuses on utilizing digital tools to enhance program design and participant engagement. This FREE, highly participatory learning program is for employment service providers, career educators/counsellors, and anyone designing and leading career development and skills training programs for job seekers.

Understand how to use LinkedIn Learning to design content and resources for programming and job seekers. By participating in this training program, participants will be provided with:

  • The opportunity to participate in engaging, real-time design activities and reflective discussions on embedding LinkedIn features and digital tools in program design;
  • Access to a resource library of content, tools, and activities to use in current programs and enhance participant engagement; and
  • 'How To' sessions to practice using LinkedIn Learning.

Topics covered will include:

  1. Strategic Navigation of LinkedIn Learning
    • In-depth analysis of the curated courses and resources available on LinkedIn Learning.
    • Tailoring learning paths to align with the needs of your job seekers and staff members.
  2. Empowering Your Team: Precision in Skill Enhancement
    • Proven strategies for harnessing LinkedIn Learning to upskill your workforce effectively.
  3. Empowering Job Seekers: Maximizing Employment Opportunities
    • Insightful exploration of how job seekers can leverage LinkedIn Learning to elevate their marketability.
  4. Networking and Collaboration
    • Connect with industry peers to share best practices and insights on optimizing LinkedIn Learning.
  5. Live Demonstrations and Expert Q&A
    • Hands-on experiences with LinkedIn Learning through live demonstrations and activities.

You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.