CoPs for ESPs

First Work is seeking employment service providers with a diversity of experience in the sector to contribute
to First Work’s Communities of Practice.

Are you ready to increase your impact on Ontario’s employment landscape?
We want YOU to apply for First Work’s CoPs for ESPs.

Particularly if you are an employment services practitioner with
experience in Second Career, Canada-Ontario Job Grant or
Youth Job Connection or similar programs.

What else are we looking for in members of our CoPs for ESPs? See below!

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• You are a newer or more experienced practitioner (We are looking for a diversity of perspectives!)
• You have enough autonomy and support in your role to drive change and implement new solutions
• You’re committed to tackling pressing issues in your focus area and affecting sustained change
• You are eager and willing to collaborate with practitioners across the province to trial new ideas and test drive innovations
• You can commit 5-10 hours per month between March-August 2021

CoPs Application Process  

  1. A webinar will be held on January 27th at 1:00pm about the CoPs.
  1. Successful applicants will move to an interviewing stage. The interviews will further clarify the priorities and experiences of the sector and refine the focus of each CoP. 
  1. Meetings will begin in late March and run biweekly until August. Each meeting will be designed and co-facilitated by First Work and Purpose Co.  
  1. The outcomes of each CoP will be developed into easily-accessible communications materials in September, and then will be shared provincially.  

What issues are we tackling?

You will join a small group of practitioners (5-7) on a facilitated journey in three areas of practice where CoPs would be useful related to employment services. These three areas, identified by First Work in collaboration with Purpose Co, have been developed via input from the 2020 Futures Conference and via conversations between First Work and its stakeholders. The focus areas are: Second Career, Canada-Ontario Job Grant, and Youth Job Connection.
otal monthly commitment to 5-10 hours per month


We’re trying to solve how to better engage, support and motivate NEET youth to connect to sustainable employment and what enhancements to Youth Job Connection can support this goal.

How can employment programs for young people most effectively help them advance towards their career goals?​


We’re trying to solve how to better prepare unemployed people and current workers in need of upskilling for employer recognized in-demand skills and what enhancements to the Canada Ontario Job Grant (COJG) can support this goal.

How can COJG (and similar program funding) be leveraged to maximize economic mobility and career progression for incumbent workers and build talent pipelines for new entrants?

Second Career

We’re trying to solve how to better support laid off workers and enhance Second Career to support this goal.

How can practitioners effectively serve laid off workers and help them choose retraining programs that lead to sustainable retraining / second career plans? 

WEBINAR: First Work’s Communities of Practice

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