ASPIRE // A Career Exploration Day for Youth

At First Work, we believe in bringing together the best providers of youth programming and employment services, business and industry leadership, academia, and government in developing solutions for youth employment. Our direct engagement with youth ensures our services are relevant, culturally appropriate, and timely.

Aspire is intentionally designed to support young people by empowering them to take control of their personal and professional development, and gain the skills that employers want. We’re doing so in a way that confronts career norms and is a direct response to the current evolution in the labour market. Aspire wants to challenge the way youth think about their post-secondary career plans by providing innovative solutions to barriers in the workforce, and labour market gaps.

Careers in the twenty-first century are no longer linear, the labour market is experiencing a shift. Employers are seeking highly skilled, and experienced employees who bring diversity and talent to their teams. Aspire 2017, is a response to this market change and presents an opportunity for youth to begin developing their skills in order to be prepared, trained, and educated as they enter into the workplace.

Together, we can build a labour force that is prepared, educated, trained and enabled to be gainfully employed, enterprising and earning.

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